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In 2000, Paul Iwanaga had an idea to create a consulting company which focused on helping churches, non-profits, and small businesses. This idea came to him while working at a large regional bank in Tulsa where he noticed businessmen who were more concerned with making money and exploiting the lack of financial knowledge in these types of companies. This bothered him because these are the businesses that needed the most help. Not long afterwards, he left this banking job and went into teaching computer classes.

Eventually this idea came back to him while on an 11 month mission trip called the World Race. During this time, God started to stir up these passions again and revealed an idea to start Consulting Effect.

The mission at Consulting Effect is to help nonprofits, small businesses, and churches in the United States. The goal is to donate 25% of all revenue to fund Christian missionaries, ministries overseas, and mission trips. 


The hope is to provide affordable and tangible help in the areas of finance (treasury services, merchant services, metrics analysis) and marketing (business listings, customer reviews, marketing campaigns, promotional items, social media campaigns, print materials, videos, websites, apps).

Consulting Effect - About Us

About Us

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